Restaurant Menu

Tapas & Appetisers

Sharing Tapas    £9.95

olives, chorizo, prosciutto, bread, feta cheese,

sun blushed tomatoes, oil and balsamic

Olives (v)   £3.25

Piping Hot Soup of the Day    £4.95

served with bread and butter

Pâté Maison    £5.95

house pâté served with warm toast
and red onion chutney

Classic Prawn Cocktail     £6.45

 a generous helping of succulent juicy prawns served

 with a Marie Rose sauce and brown bread and butter

Deep Fried Potato Skins (v)     £5.95

served with blue cheese dip

Garlic Prawns    £8.95

pan-fried shell-on and served with crusty bread

Fresh Mushrooms Breaded & Deep Fried (v)    £5.95

 fresh mushrooms coated  in our specially seasoned

 breadcrumbs deep fried and served with a garlic dip

Deep Fried Camembert Cheese (v)     £5.95

served on a bed of mixed leaves with a

 tangy cranberry sauce and brown bread and butter

Fish Dishes

Fillet of Cod     £13.95

served with a creamy white wine and smoked
salmon sauce, new potatoes and vegetables

Breaded Plaice Fillet     £8.95

in crispy golden breadcrumbs
served with chips and peas

Golden Deep Fried Whole Scampi    £9.95

premium succulent scampi
coated in a light crumb with chips and peas

Home Made Fishcakes of the Day     £12.75

served with chips and tartar sauce


Lasagne     £10.95

with garlic bread and salad

Penne Pasta (v)    £10.95

Bound in a rich tomato sauce and grated cheese

Classic Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (v)    £10.95

with garlic bread and salad


Chicken Curry    £11.45

with naan bread, basmati rice and mango chutney

Vegetable Curry (v)   £11.45

with naan bread, basmati rice and mango chutney

Light Meals & Sandwiches
with granary or white bread

Ploughman’s Lunch Platter     £11.25

with Cheddar cheese, stilton, ham and pâté

Grilled Steak Baguette with chips     £9.95

Crab Sandwich     £8.45

Open Prawn Sandwich    £7.75

Home Made Three Egg Omelette & chips    £9.45

Cheddar Cheese     £6.50

Salad and Cider Chutney Sandwich

Beef, Mustard and Tomato Sandwhich     £6.50

Chicken, Salad & Cranberry Sauce Sandwich  £6.50

Ham and Salad Sandwich     £6.50

House Specialities

Steak & Mushroom Pie     £12.45
served with chips and peas

Braised Beef Bordelaise    £14.95

served with boiled potatoes and vegetables

Sausage & Mash     £10.95

three butchers sausages with onion gravy,
mash and peas

Chick Pea and Spinach Pie (vegan)    £12.25

with salad and new potatoes

Salads & Cold Platters

Mixed Meat Platter    £11.25

served with chips and coleslaw

Ham, Two Eggs and Chips     £10.95

Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad     £10.95

Prawn and Smoked Salmon Salad     £12.45

with a honey and mustard dressing

Mediterranean Salad  (v)     £11.25

sun blushed tomatoes, olives and feta cheese

Prawn Salad     £12.95

Crab Salad     £12.95

Topside of Beef Salad    £11.45

Ham Salad    £11.45

Mature Cheddar Cheese Salad (v)     £11.45

Chef’s Specials
All our steaks are served with grilled tomatoes,
mushrooms and chip

Rump Steak (middle cut)  8oz     £17.45

                                            12oz    £21.95

Sirloin Steak  8oz     £18.95

Fillet Steak  7oz     £23.95

Complement your steak with our homemade sauces   £2.00

creamy black pepper & brandy,

stilton, mushroom & bacon, garlic and herb butter

Mixed Grill      £17.45

(steak, lamb, gammon and sausage)

served with chips, mushrooms, tomato and fried egg

Chef’s Deluxe Burger     £13.25

 with bacon, cheese, coleslaw, pickled gherkin,

 red onion chutney, onion rings and chips

Surf and Turf      £22.50

 prime rump steak with pan-fried shell-on prawns,

garlic, chips, peas and tomatoes

Duck Breast     £18.95

served with a warm mint, apple and chilli dressing,

new potatoes and vegetables

 Grilled Loin of Pork     £13.95

served with whole grain mustard sauce

Trio of Lamb Chops     £17.95

with cranberry and port wine sauce

served with mash potato and vegetables

Grilled Gammon and Chips     £11.75

with pineapple or egg

Suprème of Chicken     £13.95

with a cream, bacon and cheese sauce and chips

Rustic Chicken Breast     £13.95

served with a rich tomato and basil sauce,

new potatoes and vegetables

Vegetarian Spicy Bean Burger (v)     £13.25

with coleslaw, pickled gherkin, chilli cheese,

red onion chutney, onion rings and chips

Smaller Appetites

4oz Gammon with pineapple, chips and peas   £8.95

4oz Sirloin Steak with chips and peas   £9.95

Whole-tail Scampi with chips and peas    £6.25

Lasagne with garlic bread    £6.25

Sausage & Chips with peas    £5.95

Fish Fingers with chips and peas   £5.95

Penne Pasta with tomato sauce (v)     £5.95

add cheese for an extra 75p

Beef burger and chips    £5.95

add cheese for an extra 50p

Chicken Goujons with chips and peas    £5.95

Ice Cream   £3.50
with chocolate buttons or gummy bears

Ice Cream Specials

Chocolate Heaven     £5.00

 rich chocolate ice cream with lots of

chocolate goodies and chocolate sauce

pinnacled with whipped cream

Raspberry Meringue     £5.00

 vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries

and a hand-made meringue shell

topped with whipped cream

Maple and Walnut Surprise    £5.00

coffee and vanilla ice cream with walnuts, maple syrup

flavoured sauce and lashings of whipped cream

Chocolate Nut Sundae     £5.00

chocolate and vanilla ice cream,

chopped nuts, rich chocolate sauce,

all topped with lashings of whipped cream

Irish Cream Delight    £5.95

 rich coffee ice cream laced with Irish cream and

chocolate flake and topped with whipped cream  

Amaretto Temptation    £5.95

vanilla ice cream covered with finely sliced almonds

soaked in Amaretto liqueur and topped with whipped cream


Fresh Fruit Pavlova    £5.95

Bread and Butter Pudding    £5.95

Apple Pie    £5.75

made from Bramley apples

and baked in a sweet pastry

Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream     £5.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding    £5.95

made to a traditional recipe

with a wicked toffee topping

Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake (gluten free)    £5.95

for the chocolate lovers

Fravocado Raspberry and Basil Swirl (vegan)  £5.00

 gluten free ice cream with a difference

Cheese Board

A Selection of Cheese and Biscuits     £8.45